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Want to be a part of A Royal Chance Film Festival? Volunteer for the first annual ARCFF happening in Los Angeles, February 1-3, 2024!


Volunteers are truly the backbone of our festival. We rely on a multitude of dedicated volunteers to generously offer their time and commitment to ARCFF. While we attract and welcome festival participants and artists from all over the world, we ask that our volunteers be Los Angeles-based since the festival does not provide travel or lodging. ARCFF would be honored to have you volunteer for our first annual festival, and to welcome you back year after year, in support of celebrating and showcasing content created by global independent artists.


We are looking for volunteers to assist in all areas of the festival — from operations, logistics and registration to supporting events, press and talent relations. Of course, there are plenty of exciting benefits — like having A ROYAL CHANCE to meet and greet the celebrities and esteemed industry professionals gathered for our ceremonies, panels, and parties. Volunteers can also enjoy hot new content presented during the ARCFF Winner and QueenLight screenings! But that’s not all — the real benefit is being part of a community that is unapologetically shining a bright light on creatives and offering global independent artists A ROYAL CHANCE to be discovered.

 Check out the Volunteer Overview and Requirements below, and then click the SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION TODAY button to let us know you're interested in lending a helping hand. If you are ready for a one-of-a-kind experience, plan to join us for ARCFF in November!


Volunteers with Donation Boxes
Volunteer Overview
  • Complete the online application by Friday, January 5, 2024.

  • Volunteers provide their own transportation/flight, lodging and meals.

  • Select a time of day for commitment. Volunteers can choose what time of day is preferable for them––any time, afternoon, or evening.

  • We receive hundreds of applications, so we will ONLY contact you if we are interested in conducting an interview. All volunteers who are chosen to be interviewed will be notified on or before Friday, January 19, 2024.

  • Once you have been interviewed, you will receive an email within 2 weeks indicating whether you have been selected. Upon receiving written acceptance, you will also receive your “volunteer assignment” — including responsibilities and work schedule.

  • T-shirts and credentials will be distributed at the volunteer orientation.

  • As an ARCFF Volunteer you are the face of the festival, and as such you should be professional and courteous at all times.

  • No photographs with talent on-site while on shift.

  • No handing out scripts, résumés or business cards while on shift.

  • You may be standing for long periods of time, so wear comfortable shoes and stay hydrated.

  • Refreshments and snacks will be available in the Volunteer Station.



Volunteers MUST:

  • Be available for all scheduled on-line VIRTUAL pre-festival orientation and training sessions (via Zoom) designated in your acceptance letter.

  • Arrive in Los Angeles at the location designated in your acceptance letter no later than Thursday, January 1, 2024 at 7am PST, for an IN-PERSON pre-festival orientation and training.

  • Be available to work the entire festival in-person, February 1-3, 2024.

  • Be 21 years of age at the time of application submission.

  • Have the ability to receive, read and respond to email, our primary mode of communication PRIOR to the festival.

  • Have the ability to download the SLACK app to your mobile telephone device and receive, read and respond to SLACK text messages, our primary mode of communication DURING the festival.

  • Wear the staff lanyard, badge, and t-shirt (provided by ARCFF) and black khaki or cargo pants, black khaki or cargo shorts or black skirt while working their shift. SHORT

  • SHORTS/DAISY DUKES or MINISKIRTS are not appropriate uniform attire.

  • NOT wear staff t-shirts when not actively working a shift.

Volunteer Benefits

We recognize volunteers are essential to the festival. As a token of our appreciation volunteers receive the following benefits:

  • Festival Access: Volunteer Credentials (a value of $200) allow access to all festival events, but Volunteers are NOT eligible to receive raffle tickets or win raffle prizes.

  • Volunteers are welcome to attend events during the times they are not scheduled to work.

  • Entry to some events is based on seating availability.

  • Festival T-shirt: T-shirts are to be worn with black khaki or cargo bottoms — pants, shorts or skirt — during shifts (no short shorts/daisy duke shorts or miniskirts permitted).

  • Refreshments: We offer snacks and refreshments in our Volunteer Station for volunteers to grab-and-go when not on shift. These snacks and refreshments are not meant to replace meals, which volunteers are responsible for providing themselves.

  • Daily Parking: Vouchers or a stipend will be provided to working volunteers.


Volunteer positions are available in the following departments:

Operations & Logistics

Assist with daily operations, administrative duties, and coordinate logistics throughout the festival.


Assist head of sponsorship and provide client services for corporate partners.


Support the production and talent teams to ensure a seamless execution of screenings and events.

Talent Relations

Assist with logistics, credential distribution, wrangling, and navigating talent participants to designated events.

Public Relations

Help with press check-in, office duties, credential distribution, and press communications. Liaise with talent team to arrange onsite interviews.

Registration & Customer Service

Provide customer service and general festival information to patrons during check-in and on-site sales.

Social Media

Provide coverage including stories, live streams, posts and video content for all ARCFF’s social media and marketing platforms.

Front of House/Line Ambassador

Provide operational support through crowd control, collection, and accounting of tickets/passes.


Help with boxing, sorting and distributing snacks and refreshments to festival attendees, participants and special guests.

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